The Bakhtiari

This beautiful antique Bakhtiari carpet, circa 1910, is one of Ghorbany Carpets' latest acquisitions and is named after the tribe in Iran that wove it.

The Bakthiari is a tribe originating from the South-West of Iran. They view themselves as the descendents of “Fereydun”, widely believed to be a mythical king and hero who is an emblem of victory, justice and generosity. The Bakhtiari consists of two tribes namely: Chahar Lang (Four "limbs") and Haft Lang (Seven "Limbs") groups and each of these two groups are ruled by single powerful families, however, the overall ruling power alternates every two years between the chiefs of both tribes. The Bakhtiari still lives a nomadic lifestyle and migrate between the summer and winter quarters every year. Under the command of the Haft Lang Shah, Sardar Assad, the Bakhtiari captured Tehran and played a significant role in constitutional reform and the abdication of Shah Mohammed Ali in 1909, after which he was exiled to Russia. Before dying in exile in South Africa, Reza Shah Pahlevi attempted to destroy the Bakhtiari during his reign (1925-1941) and they have never fully recovered since that time. They are noted in Iran for their remarkable music. A large number of influential politicians in modern Iran, comes from this tribe.

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