Ghorbany Riverside

Your journey does not end when you buy a rug, it is in fact only the beginning. Knowing how to care for your rugs is as important as owning one.

At Ghorbany Riverside Carpet Spa we offer a range of services as part our dedication to help rug owners care for their beautiful rugs. Our Carpet Spa Workshop is run by professional carpet cleaners trained by masters in the bazaars of Iran. All cleaning and mending are done by hand.

Carpet Spa Menu:

  • cleaning
  • repair
  • restoration
  • new fringing
  • new sides
  • colour running repair
  • valuations
  • insurance claims

We also sell non-slip underfelt and hanging strips.

If you have any questions related to caring for or any other questions about your rugs, please contact

Tips to care for your rugs

  1. Brush rather than vacuum – vacuum cleaning your carpets will reduce the pile over time and damage the sides as well as the fringes. Even though the latter two can be replaced, a damaged pile cannot. Opt for brushing your carpet, but if this is not an option vacuum the carpet only once a week.
  2. Liquid spilling – scoop as much of the liquid up with a spoon and place a towel underneath the spot. Dab the spot on top with a white cloth or towel to remove more of the liquid. Rub the stain with only the foam of sunlight liquid and a white cloth until it is removed. Let the carpet dry in the sun. Repeat the last two processes if necessary.
  3. Solid spilling – remove the solids and rub the stain only with the foam of sunlight liquid and a white cloth. Let it dry in the sun. Repeat the steps until the stain is removed.
  4. Storing your carpet – always place moth balls inside the carpet, whether you fold it or roll it up. Air the carpet in the sun at least once a month.
  5. What to do if the carpet is water damaged – let the carpet dry in the sun and contact us for further advice. If you are close to any of our showrooms contact us for assistance.
  6. Washing your carpet at home - Under no circumstances try to wash your carpet yourself. The commercial soaps available will dry out the pile and make it brittle, which will result in the pile breaking off over time. A reduction in pile is not repairable. The commercial soaps will also cause the colour to fade. All of this will ultimately result in your Persian carpet losing its value and substantially reduce its lifespan.
  7. Fish moths – damage caused by fish moths is mostly irreparable. To avoid this type of damage do not place your carpets in dark and damp areas if possible. Air carpets hanging on walls at least once a month.
  8. Sun damage – Persian carpets placed in sunny areas often become faded. At Ghorbany Carpets we can restore the colour depending on the type of carpet and the severity of the damage. Contact us for more information.
  9. How often should your carpet be cleaned professionally – your Persian carpet should have a thorough wash at least once every two to three years. Contact us for a quotation.