About Shervin Ghorbany

Raised in Tehran, Iran, and descending from a long line of merchants, Shervin’s interest in Persian carpets and arts grew from a young age. As a young adult he fulfilled his desire to intimately know all the carpets made in Iran and later carpets from around the world.

The eternal scholar, he has built his library of knowledge on the traditions, beliefs and methods behind making carpets and now serves as consultant to those wanting to purchase rare, antique and old carpets and valuate their existing carpets.

About Ghorbany Carpets

The Ghorbany Family has rooted itself in the Carpet industry locally and abroad since its establishment in 1994. Our collection includes carpets from rare to new classic to trendy modern pieces and every attention to detail and superiority of workmanship is considered when adding to our collection.

Our business also extends into the cleaning, restoration and repairing of carpets.

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