About Ghorbany

Ghorbany is a family owned business of the Ghorbany family. Our business in South Africa started in 1994 when we opened our first Persian carpet showroom in Benmore Gardens Shopping Center.
About Shervin Ghorbany

Raised in Tehran, Iran, and descending from a long line of merchants, Shervin’s interest in handmade carpets, textiles and arts grew from a young age. As a young adult he fulfilled his desire to intimately know all the carpets, textiles and arts made in Iran and later from around the world.

The eternal scholar, he has built his library of knowledge on the traditions, beliefs and methods behind making these items and now serves as consultant to those wanting to purchase rare, antique and old carpets, textiles and arts and evaluate their existing antiques.

A decade later we opened two more showrooms in Riverside and Bryanston Shopping Centers, followed by our fourth showroom in Design Quarter Shopping Center in 2005. Our passion has always been to sell high quality handmade Persian rugs (rare, vintage and new classic) as well as the latest modern decor rugs available on the market. We also provide a full maintenance service for these rugs including cleaning, repairing, restoration, etc.

We come from a historical merchant family line and in 2020 rebranded our business to honour our rich heritage. We now sell luxurious rugs and antique pieces.

Ghorbany Benmore - Curated luxury: we sell carefully curated luxury gifts and investment items. We provide maintenance services for art, clocks, porcelain, silver, gilt, crystal, antique and designer furniture, as well as insurance valuations and logistics. We also do home and office consultations on request.

Ghorbany Design Quarter - Decor rugs: we sell the latest decor rugs and do home consultations as well.

Ghorbany Riverside - Carpet Spa: we sell classic rugs and our main focus is to provide maintenance services for your rugs with our expert team from Iran. We do home consultations as well.