Stuart Crystal

Stuart Crystal’s history starts in 1827 when an 11 year old orphan, Frederick Stuart, was sent to work at Redhouse Glassworks on the Crystal Mile in Stourbridge, England.

Despite his fate and environment the little Stuart learned glassmaking traditions of generations before he, along with Richard Mills and Edward & Thomas Webb formed their own firm in 1853 called Mills, Webb & Stuart. Frederick was so influential that by the time he passed away aged 82, the business was entirely dominated by his sons and him.

Stuart Crystal has made remarkable creations and can be credited with the making of the Stuart Medallion Cameo glass in 1887 and the Beaconsfield pattern in 1907, which is still used today. Stuart Crystal also produced magnificent Art Nouveau vases and bowls.

Notably, Stuart Crystal supplied glass to shipping liners, including the Titanic. It also made a remarkable 22,000 items for Queen Mary in the mid-1930s and the company received the Royal Warrant which further enhanced their reputation and prestige.

In 1995 the Waterford Wedgwood Company bought Stuart Crystal but sadly in 2001 it was permanently closed.

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