Responsible fashion @ Ghorbany Carpets

Ghorbany Carpets is proud to present a new and upcoming fashion brand “With love, from hell”. The brand was founded by Luca Crystal Naude and it highlights two major problems our world faces today:

1- the mental disorder epidemic of the 21st century - the brand name itself represents the anguish and daily struggles faced by those who suffer from mental disorders and the knowing that happiness can still be found in the darkest of places if one remembers that there is always love and light. Mental health issues are still not given the proper attention it deserves and with a growing number of young people being diagnosed annually with some form of mental disorder, it really is a cause that must be attended to in earnest. The brand seeks to visually highlight these issues in the hope to bring awareness to this epidemic.

2- the fast fashion pollution - the brand repurposes previously loved clothing into trendy new designs and original hand painted art. A less known fact today is that all our unwanted clothing that we donate eventually ends up in third world countries that have been turned into the clothing garbage dump of the world and are left with mountains of unwanted clothes to dispose of. All our good intentions becomes a major environmental and health risk in these countries who cannot consume it all and are left to burn tons of clothes daily to make space for the “new arrivals”. The brand seeks to show that by becoming creative with your clothes and purchasing less new clothing, we can all make a difference to our environment. The less we buy, the better off our planet will be.

Follow the brand on Instagram: @withlovefrom_hell

Congratulations to this amazing brand. We are excited to see what you bring next.