Dr Eugene Chesrow

His nephew wrote that he was born in 1894 in Chicago to Francesca and Francesco Caesario . At some point the name was changed to Chesrow.

In June 1940, an article from the L'Italia newspaper reported that a ceremony was being held awarding honors to a Doctor Eugene Chesrow and others for collecting funds for the Italian Red Cross. Eugene Chesrow, a one-time colonel in the United States Army Medical Reserves had been discharged from his commission as a result of his activities with the Italian Army in Ethiopia. His commission, however, was restored 1937.

Eugene Chesrow was better known for being a physician for the old Capone gang during prohibition. As a reward for his services, he was given a belt buckle studded with 23 diamonds from Al Capone himself. It was reported, that the collections were being carried out in a secret way. Only wealthy families and sympathizers for the Italian cause were being approached. The collections were being collected mostly in cash and not all of the money collected was making its way to the Italian Red Cross.....This mysterious Italian Doctor residing in Chicago had a great taste for so called Azerbaijani embroideries ....Most of his collection came to sale in 2014 Sotheby’s Auction ...