Carpets and the kingdom of heaven - Part 4

Carpets with focus on mind

من آن شکل صنوبر را ز باغ دیده برکندم  که هر گل کز غمش بشکفت محنت بار می‌آورد

In Part 2 - carpets with focus on body, we revealed the importance of the valva or yoni as the birth place of the body and discussed the medallions or flowers that represent the symbol of valva, for example the lotus. Those carpets have less sharp angles in its designs and are in lower frequency colours such as red and orange. In Part 3 we discussed carpets with focus on soul which are usually in the shape of a mihrab/niche or vase and tree of life design in the colour of the middle frequency, i.e. yellow or gold. As mentioned, when you complete that cycle of your life you will move to another frequency out of the cycle of reincarnation and into the zone of no colour or all colour, meaning white or black. These two, the body and soul, are the most important elements of our being but they are very raw. The amount of truth that they contain is difficult to observe with bare eyes, so in order to view them and to find a way to comprehend them without dealing with their rawness, the human beings created a metaphor, a shadow of both and a fantasy that I refer to as the “mind”, The carpets that are focused on mind are tools to imitate the journey of the soul in the world of shadows. That is the danger of the mind, because if you forget that the mind is only a fantasy, a bridge and a metaphor to grasp the soul, you can get trapped and sink into the underworld of the mind. The designs related to the carpets focusing on the mind often resemble the carpets with focus on body and/or soul, but in a more analytical and calculated manner, because it stems from the left side of the brain. If there is a medallion used in these carpets they are more geometric, such as hexagons or octagons that have more masculine angles.

There are 7 layers of essence and spirit for the soul and since the mind follows and shadows the soul there are 7 layers of heaven and earth that the mind should pass in order to reach its fulfilment. Usually these carpets are designed in such a way that they represent the 7 layers from the outer corner of the carpet to the inner most part of the medallion. Just as the sceptre of Hermes/Idris/Enoch, who was and is and will be the source of all wisdom on earth, had 7 layers carved into it, these 7 layers in these carpets represent the 7 main colours of the rainbow, 7 music notes in an octave and 7 main chakras of human beings. This is also the 7 stages of enlightenment in the Mithraic religion symbolized in the 7 layers carved into the wine goblet of initiates and only the holiest of the holy was allowed to drink all 7 portions.  The sacred geometry, the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence are the main characters when the shadow mind interprets the journey of body on earth whilst connecting to the spirit of the heavens. Carpets of the mind that resemble that soul metaphorically to the utmost, usually include the Ida, Pingala and Sushumna, that are the two serpents or elephants of peacocks or cherubim that are protecting the “seed of life”. In the carpet of the soul we talked about the pineal gland and the connection to the fruit of the almond tree. The fruit of the almond tree in the kingdom of plants is a motherly, gullible tree that retains her happy and nurturing nature, regardless of all she goes through. In carpets that resemble the almond tree from the metaphoric mind perspective, the almond tree has been replaced by the Cyprus tree that is, like the willow tree, forsaken, abandoned or deserted tree that represents loneliness and loss and the need to find answers. In Mithraism this tree is a holy tree that goes deep inside itself and faces the death and depression and despair of the melancholy of the mind to find the truth. In the Persian language the pineal gland is called the “senobaar” gland and “senobaar” is also the fruit of the Cyprus tree and what it resembles in the journey of mind. It’s always associated with the cemetery, mourning, death and the sadness of the lonely mind.

The colour of these carpets are higher frequency colours starting from green, moving to blue and then indigo into violet. These are the mind colours that represent the strength of the masculine energy of the mind that logically wants to pave his way to the higher level. Unfortunately since this metaphor is an illusion and a fantasy, the chance that you can get lost in the sky above or the waters below, is high. In the end the mind is our secondary nature existing to take you through the development and growth of your body and ultimately your soul. This is why for centuries, Persian carpet weavers did not use the higher frequency colours in their designs and the use of the sacred geometry with the sharp angles and masculine energy is the product of a few hundred years only.