Carpets and the kingdom of heaven - Part 1

The way to look at a fantasy is that it is created either when one wants to escape reality or when one wants to understand reality, even though reality in itself is also a fantasy. In the Old Testament when the God of the Hebrews asked Moses to count the number of people in a gathering, He prohibited Moses from counting the people directly. Instead He proposed that Moses puts a coin from each person in a container and count the coins instead.


The profound meaning of this exercise is that human beings cannot simply be counted, to arrive at a total. How can you add two apples to get to the number two, when one apple is not equal to another apple? This is what I call the most advanced understanding of individuality that we have not achieved yet even in our modern times. The reality is that each human being, or whatever life form, is the whole Cosmos in itself and the only reality is the dot, that represents the atom, and holistically possesses all infinite possibilities to become nothingness and everything dancing together inside the dot. While you can look at the dot from one angle and observe it as nothing, you can also see all the designs and opportunities that few or many of dots can create without losing the essence of the core atom, from another angle. In other words you can see it as everything. Designs and colours of Persian carpets simply follow this concept. Any Persian carpet has been created to reveal and unite the nothingness and everything, which is the harmony and balance of two views of one truth, the unification of body and soul with each other, which creates the third element that is a mediator between these two aspects of one coin, the coin of truth, which is the highest understanding of the concept of beauty. That third element is another illusion which we can call “the mind”. Therefore, in each Persian carpet the two opposites that are not really opposites, through the third element, try to find the harmony amongst themselves in a dance of give and take, the truth, the shadow of the truth and the connecting element of these two.

In Part 2, I will discuss how these three elements represent each other in a Persian carpet and what the ultimate aim of the Persian carpet is