Dealer Focus: Bluett & Sons

Dealer focus: Bluett & Sons were founded by Alfred Ernest Bluett (d.1917) in c.1884. In 1907 Leonard Buckland Bluett (d.1963) joined the firm, and he was joined by his brother Edgar Ernest Bluett (d.1964) by 1910. Bluett's were world famous and leading specialist in the sale of Chinese works of art over the course of the 20th century, selling objects to many major collectors and museums.
In 1978 Dominic Jellinek joined the firm - Dominic also kindly supplied information from his researches into Bluett & Sons. See Dominic Jellinek, 'The Bluett Archive: a curious acquisition', Transactions of the Oriental Ceramics Society Volume 77, 2012-13, pp1-12.
Edgar Bluett was one of the founding members of the BADA in 1918.