Ghorbany Benmore - Something Old

About Shervin Ghorbany

Raised in Tehran, Iran, and descending from a long line of merchants, Shervin’s interest in handmade carpets, textiles and arts grew from a young age. As a young adult he fulfilled his desire to intimately know all the carpets, textiles and arts made in Iran and later from around the world.

The eternal scholar, he has built his library of knowledge on the traditions, beliefs and methods behind making these items and now serves as consultant to those wanting to purchase rare, antique and old carpets, textiles and arts and evaluate their existing antiques.

Ghorbany Benmore sells antique and vintage furniture, art, rugs and luxury items. We also provide the following services.

Services offered:

  • Silver plating & repairs
  • Gold plating & repairs
  • Clock restoration & repairs
  • Antique wood furniture restoration & repairs
  • Antique rug restoration & repairs
  • Valuation of antiques, art & rugs
  • Valuation for insurance claims of antiques, art & rugs

Please contact us on 0118840899 if you want to use any of these services.